The Hit’s of the 80’s

Friday, September 29th, 8:00pm
Vashon Events Presents:
The Hit’s of the 80’s Showcase
The Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi
All-age’s ’till 11pm, 21+ after that  

Vashon Events is pleased to present Hits of the Eighties – a fundraiser to showcase music of the this melodic decade, performed by almost two dozen songs by Island musicians. Join us on Friday, September 29th at 8pm at the Red Bicycle Bistro and Sushi. Proceeds from the event will support Vashon Events – Vashon Island’s community arts, culture, and charity events website that highlights all things entertainment.

The music of the Eighties was lively, varied, contentious, and to some degree inconclusive. It was the decade of synth pop, Michael Jackson, the compact disk, the Beastie Boys, and a lot more heavy metal. It was a time for reassessment and reconstruction. Musicians and audiences alike have struggled to come to terms with rock’s parameters and possibilities, its emotional resonance and often dormant social consciousness.

Don’t forget to dress up! The eighties was a decade when many of the fashion trends that people love to hate were created. In complete contrast to the 1970s, shirts became looser and trousers became tighter. Hair was heavily styled and voluminous (teased and permed to the limits!) and make-up was bold with clashing colors – almost like face paint. Eighties fashion for women taught us terms like jelly bracelets, jelly shoes, neon clothing, leg warmers, shoulder pads, and Guess jeans. They also brought back polka dots, Preppie clothes and wedgies – which used to be shoes and not an underwear malfunction…

Do YOU have an 80’s song that you want to perform in front of your Vashon friends? Here’s the link to sign up:

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