Blue Monster

Blue Monster
With Emcee Richard Moore
Friday, April 27th, 8:30pm
The Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi
All-ages ’til 11pm, 21+ after that
Free cover!   

The wily and elusive “Blue Monster” was first sighted on Vashon Island back in 2005. Since then there have been numerous reported sightings, although none have been confirmed or documented, leading many to brush aside such tales as a hoax. Though the exact description of the creature varies from one witness to another, most agree that it has blue fur, three-toed feet, googley eyes and super-funky dance moves.

Despite popular skepticism, a tiny but fierce band of believers have embarked on an ongoing quest to draw the monster out of hiding, and thus prove its existence. They are convinced that music is the key, and that playing psychedelic instrumental power funk at loud volumes is sure to arouse the creature. Upon hearing the music, the monster won’t be able to resist the urge to show off its funky dance moves and profound booty shaking abilities in public. This dedicated group call themselves Blue Monster in honor of the beast. They are:

Ken Jacobsen, Guitar
A classically trained guitar teacher and performer who dabbles in wizardry and is a practitioner of the occult. Known for the trance-like fury with which he plays, Ken will rant with passion about his belief in the existence of the monster to anyone who will listen.

J.P. Ouellette, Bass
A former guitar player, J.P. migrated to bass a few years back because he thought he could better express his obsession with funk by playing bass. He also D.J.s from time to time under the name “Dr. Feelgood”. A specialist in extremely low frequency rumbling sounds thought to stimulate the monster.

Nigel Browne, Drums
An island native, Nigel has played in various local bands over the years, including Stony Beach, earning a reputation for his acute skills with the skins before joining the quest for the monster. Providing a steady beat, he is the sonic anchor to the monster sound.

Tony Mann, Keyboard
Tony was recently coaxed into the band to push the sound barrier with his lightning fingers and funky keys. Pure monster bait.

The emcee for the night is Vashon local Richard Moore.  Richard’s material is “cynically good natured.” Well, the older he gets, the less good natured it’s gonna be. As Richard puts it, “what can I say? The stupid out there is wearing the man down.”

Richard has been doing stand up for the last 5 years, mostly on Vashon. But you might have also seen him at the Comedy Underground in Seattle. Besides comedy, Richard spends his time with his beautiful family, coaching his boys in Soccer, Basketball and Baseball. If you are lucky you can also see him out at Agren Park playing a mean game of softball…

This is an all-ages show until 11pm, then 21+ after that. There is absolutely no cover charge for the show!

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