When it comes to sushi, there’s no better place to indulge than in one of the best sushi restaurants in town. These establishments boast some of the most delectable sushi creations that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. From creative maki rolls to delicious nigiri and sashimi, there’s something for everyone at these top-notch spots. So if you’re looking for a great sushi dinner experience, be sure to check out one of these amazing restaurants!

1. Sushi Yasuda

This Michelin-starred sushi restaurant is a favorite among sushi aficionados for its impeccable sushi creations. From the moment you step into Sushi Yasuda, you’ll be impressed by the sleek and minimalist d├ęcor. The focus here is on the food, and you can certainly taste that in every bite. The sushi is some of the freshest and most flavorful you’ll ever have, making it well worth the splurge.

2. Sushi of Gari

This popular sushi spot has several locations throughout the city, so you’re never too far from a great meal. Sushi of Gari is known for its unique approach to sushi, with an emphasis on fresh and seasonal ingredients. This results in some truly inventive and delicious sushi rolls, like the white truffle salmon roll. If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, the nigiri and sashimi here are also outstanding.

3. Juku

Juku is a relatively new addition to the NYC sushi scene, but it’s already making waves with its incredible sushi. The restaurant has a beautiful and elegant design, and the sushi is nothing short of perfection. From melt-in-your-mouth toro to uni that tastes like the sea, Juku is definitely worth seeking out.

4. Nakazawa

This intimate sushi bar is a must-visit for any sushi lover. Chef Daisuke Nakazawa trained under the legendary Jiro Ono, so you know the sushi here is going to be good. The bar only has 10 seats, so reservations are definitely required. But it’s well worth the effort, as the sushi here is some of the best you’ll ever have. Be sure to try the omakase, which is a sushi-tasting menu that changes daily.

5. Sushi Nakazawa

This restaurant is run by chef Daisuke Nakazawa, who also trained under Jiro Ono. The sushi here is simply incredible, and it’s served in a traditional omakase-style. There are only 20 seats available, so reservations are definitely required. But the wait is well worth it, as you’ll be treated to some of the most delicious sushi you’ve ever had.

These are just a few of the best sushi restaurants in town. So if you’re looking for a truly amazing sushi dining experience, be sure to check out one of these spots! You won’t be disappointed.