Restaurants should have kitchen appliances to function correctly. They’re generally the primary concern of opening and operating a food service business. This equipment also accounts for a significant share of the startup cost. Hence, every restauranteur or aspiring restaurant owner must know what they need. That helps them ensure that they can prepare their food without any hitch.

Typical Bistro Menu

Bistros usually make French-style home-cooked meals that include foods like pita bread and chili sauce. Nevertheless, some people assert that bistro cuisine is not culturally specific because of the wide range of foods. They also use lots of fresh vegetables and grilled meat, especially for sandwiches. Their menus mainly boast of salads, sauces, and the use of a variety of cheeses.

Sushi Place Menu

On the other hand, everyone knows that sushi is a traditional Chinese delicacy. Its mainstay is seafood like shrimp and various fish on a base of rice. There are different types of sushi, including nigiri, maki, temaki, uramaki, and sashimi. They usually require various toppings. However, people in other countries have adopted the essential recipes for sushi menus.

Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

Regardless of the type of cuisine we know a restaurant for, certain appliances are common to all of them. These appliances include regular utensils and fixtures. However, they have various local foods for eating establishments like the Red Bicycle Bistro and Sushi Place. Hence, it’s vital to have specific equipment to ensure the provision of top-notch food service.

There must be a balance for such places, such that you don’t neglect the quality of one type of cuisine. All of them have to thrive together because although one might be right, the other can always destroy the restaurant’s reputation. Subsequently, we’ll discuss some necessary kitchen appliances for general food service, and those peculiar to sushi places and restaurants.

1.   Cookware

Cookware is one of the kitchen essentials, even for homes. They include pots, pans, and others like a wok and rice cooker. The most crucial thing about them is the material from which they make them. With the Advent of non-stick cookware, most people shifted to using it. Nevertheless, experts recommend stainless-steel wares. They claim the ones that have aluminum sandwiched between the inner and outer layers are best.

2.   Freezer

Sushi places and restaurants use lots of perishable ingredients like fruits and vegetables. Hence, there’s a need for adequate storage than shelves or a storeroom. Numerous types of freezers exist for various purposes. You’ll have to choose depending on your establishment’s size and the temperature at which you want to store your food. Also, there are walk-in freezers.

3.   Grill and Griddle

Grilled meats are a significant part of modern bistro dishes. Hence, we can’t overemphasize the necessity of having a grill on your premises. They’re important because we can use them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner meals. It’s best to get a portable one so you can bring it anywhere, especially if you have an outdoor catering service. Some even combine both a grill and a griddle in one and are more functional.

4.   Oven

Some people believe that only pizzerias and bakeries need this appliance. However, an oven is also essential for diners as the menu includes home-style food made from scratch. They have things like bread and other foods that require baking. There are various types of ovens available for commercial use. One of the advantages is that they perform a wide range of cooking functions.

5.   Microwave

Most restauranteurs are secretive about the use of microwaves. That’s because they don’t want guests to believe their meals aren’t freshly prepared. Nonetheless, using a microwave is the perfect way to reheat food. Sometimes, we prepare food items in large quantities like rice for sushi. After a few hours, it’s bound to be cooled down. Hence, having one is necessary.

6.   Range

A range is a kitchen stove and is also necessary for food service equipment. That’s because it’s what we use to generate heat for various cooking processes like boiling and frying. Some of them even have other appliances like ovens, grills, and griddles fitted with the range. Most restauranteurs and chefs prefer these types because they save cost and space.

7.   Sushi Making Set

Besides the rice cooker and pans used in the preparation, sushi-making requires some special equipment. They include but aren’t limited to a rolling mat or round molding kit and sushi bazooka. The rolling mats are usually bamboo, while the molds are metal. Also, there are machine rollers and other things available for making large quantities of sushi in less time.

8.   Mixers and Food Processors

A mixer, as the name implies, is for mixing certain ingredients. We can also use it in the creaming, kneading, and whisking processes. That’s possible because mixers usually have several accessories that accommodate various functions. Meanwhile, you can use a food processor to perform specific cutting operations. It aids faster blending, chopping, dicing, and slicing.

9.   Ice Maker

People also refer to them as ice machines. We use this appliance to create perfect, high-quality ice cubes. The device is essential because ice is necessary for the preparation of certain drinks. Some diners request for them even in water. The alternative is making them in a freezer, but there are many inhibitions to getting good quality ice that way.

10.                Dishwasher

This appliance is necessary, both in homes and restaurants. The days when people hired workers to wash dishes and pans are gone. That’s because using a dishwasher is a time-saving and efficient method of doing the dishes. It also protects valuable kitchen wares like china and prevents accidents that could occur from washing knives. There are various types and sizes from which you can choose.