Read Bistro & Sushi: Your Go-To Restaurant for Mouthwatering, Healthy Delicacies

Are you looking for a take away or dine-in in a local restaurant? If yes, Read Bistro & Sushi is your go-to restaurant. It offers delicious food and good value in a relaxed environment.

If you’re looking for something close to home-made meals, you won’t go wrong with Read Bistro.

All meals are made from scratch, ranging from curry puffs to spring rolls to desserts and roti. The restaurant uses fresh ingredients of top quality to prepare various meals. This gives the chefs 100% control over their meals.

The restaurant boasts experienced chefs with over 20 years of experience. Whereas some chefs specialize in creating specific mouthwatering foods, others have the skills to cook a variety of dishes.

The various tasty meals are prepared from hand-picked recipes for an eating experience like no other. The foods are also served in portion sizes that ensure you consume enough of your favorite meals without spending a fortune.

The restaurant’s flexible menu ensures that you can order meals for two or thirty people. What’s more, it operates 7 days in a week, all year round.

Other reasons to opt for Read Bistro & Sushi for your eat-outs or take away, include:

  • Quality of service
  • Location
  • Cuisine
  • Ambiance
  • The experience level and skills of chefs
  • Hygiene
  • Value for money

Whichever is the case, you need a restaurant that serves some, if not most, of your favorite meals. Here’re are tasty dishes you can order at Read Bistro:


Read Bistro serves the best hamburger in the country. It’s offered either as a fast food or part of fine dining.

Hamburgers, according to the Library of Congress, originated from New Haven, Connecticut, in 1900 at Louis’ Lunch. Louis Lassen was responsible for running the restaurant.

Bistro prepares its burgers in a century-old traditional grill for the tastiest of flavors. It’s made from five-meat blends to satisfy the different taste buds out there.

Apple Pie

Apple pie is a sweet treat that’s enjoyed nationally. Americans can’t compare their love for apple pie with that for key lime or even pecan.

Made from a combination of buttery pastry, sugar, and tart sliced apples, apple pie is an extraordinary dessert. The dish has undergone all kinds of perfection to make it a better dish.

You can order apple pie prepared with green chilies at this classic restaurant. The dish is also available in your favorite flavors just as you like them.

Clam Chowder

This soup-based dish has its origins in New England. The white, lumpy, and fragrant soup looks hideous atop being tasty.

The dish is made from tender potatoes, quahog shellfish, heavy cream, salted pork, and herbs. The delicious soup is served in various ways to suit the different tastes out there.

Deep-Dish pizza

Pizza is prepared in various flavors just as you like it. The deep dish’s crust rises when cooking to accommodate an artery-choking amount of sauce and cheese for added taste and flavor.

Also known as “pie,” pizza is an American delicacy that many citizens enjoy to eat. It’s served hot in your favorite toppings. The authentic dish pairs well with your preferred drink.

Choose anything from the Italian American hybrid dish to your favorite home-made flavor.


Tenderizing rubs and mesquite-smoked meats include some grilled delicacies at Read Bistro. Barbecues are common obsessions among Americans.

Whether you’re “tailgating” or not, you’ll love the grilled delicacies at Read Bistro. Ranging from brisket to pulled pork, you’re bound to enjoy a treat at this restaurant.

The restaurant uses the best pellet grills to prepare tasty barbecues for steak lovers.

Other barbecues to look forward to including beef ribs, pork links, steak, collard greens, and other grilled delicacies. You can also request for custom-made grilled dishes for you and your loved ones.


Tacos is a popular delicacy among Americans. Whether you’ve been to Mexico or tasted this food before or not, you’ll enjoy what Bistro has to offer.

Choose from exquisite Michoacán-style goat stews to greasy nachos to satisfy your taste buds. “Flautas,” crisp-fried taquitos, are filled with chicken for mouthwatering meals you’re bound to enjoy.

You may also love Guacamole served with your dish of tacos for unforgettable eating experience.


Other great classic American dishes to try out when visiting Read Bistro include sushi, hominy grits from the south, sausage gravy, drop biscuits, and bagel and lox, among other great dishes.

Located in a strategic location, Bistro is your go-to restaurant all-week long. You can visit the restaurant with your family for eat outs or to order take away. It’s also a great venue to meet up with your friends to catch up on your lives and personal experiences.

You’ll also love to host your events at the restaurant, be it anniversaries, birthday parties or bachelorette parties. Whatever reason you decide to visit this classic restaurant, you won’t be disappointed.

Hours of Operation

Restaurant Hours:

Mon, Tues, Fri & Sat 11:30am-9pm
Sunday & Thursday 11:30am-8pm

Bar Hours:

Sun, Mon, Tues & Thur 11:30am-10pm
Friday & Saturday 11:30am-12am

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