Located on Beautiful Vashon Island. Just a Ferry Ride away fromRed Bicycle Bistro and Sushi
Seattle, Tacoma and Port Orchard. Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi offers American Classics and Sushi at great prices. We feature a Large Selection of Micro Brews on Tap, Bottle Beers & Cocktails. Full Food Menu is Available in the Bar. Free Wireless Internet Access throughout.

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Lunch is Back! Enjoy your favorite Sushi for Lunch. Our Full Lunch Menu is back with all your favorites.

Sunday-Thursday, Cafe & Sushi open 11:30am to 9pm (Sushi til 8:30).

Friday & Saturday, Cafe & Sushi open 11:30am to 10pm (Sushi til 9:30).

Upcoming Music Shows at the Bike – Just Scroll on down

Sinner & The Saints

Friday, October 21st, 8:30pm
Sinner & The Saints
The Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi
All-age’s ’till 11pm, 21+ after that
Free cover!   Sinner & The Saints

Sinner and the Saints is a rock and roll band consisting of all current or former Vashon residents. It’s members have all been in many different Island groups, and they have shared the stage with each other in various combinations going back over 40 years.

Playing everything from oldies and rock standards to innovative renditions of modern hits, their years of experience and depth of talent are a guarantee for a great show.

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 28th
No show tonight!  halloween-outfits

The staff at the Red Bicycle, along with Manager Wilson Kim would like to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween!  Be safe and sane out there!

The FieldHands

Friday, November 4th, 9pm
The FieldHands
The Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi
All-age’s ’till 11pm, 21+ after that
Free cover!  The FieldHands (Pete Welch photo)

A fixture in the Vashon Island Music scene, this four-piece plays only occasionally and bring brand new music to the show every time! Jon Whalen on rhythm guitar, and Dorsey Davis on bass, share the lead vocals and song writing duties.

The words speak to roaming from here to there, falling in an out of lust, the mundane and magical. From the sleepy beginnings 8 years back to the rough and rocking sounds you’ll hear this year, the band is on a long evolutionary curve.

Long-time island rocker Richard Lipke and up-and-comer Emory Medima-Boyajian, round out the FieldHands sound from punchy to rolling and many plateaus in-between.

Publish The Quest

Friday, November 11th, 9pm
Publish The Quest
With opener Colin Loch
The Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi
All-age’s ’till 11pm, 21+ after that
Free cover!  071815 Strawberry Festival Sat 503

Publish the Quest, a band with deep Vashon roots that has made a name for itself worldwide as both a musical and philanthropic force, is coming home to Vashon for another epic Strawberry Festival show at the Red Bicycle Bistro. This is the busiest night of the year on Vashon Island!

Publish The Quest blends groove music melodies with vocally driven compositions that continually question social issues through story telling. Publish The Quest is destined to make a difference both at home and abroad. Working with a nonprofit called Learn Africa, Publish the Quest has made several recent trips to Cape Verde, Zimbabwe, Mali, Poland, Portugal and Spain where they performed in music festivals and venues alike.

After three years of traveling, recording, and collaborating, Publish The Quest released a full length album titled ‘A THOUSAND KINDS OF GOLD!’ It was recorded in Seattle, Zimbabwe, Mali, and Nigeria… The album features Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi, Vieux Farka Toure, Nneka, Edith WeUtonga Katiji, Jeff DeMelle, Caleb Cunningham, Mark Oi, Mike Marlatt, Bill Jones, Matt Chamberlain, Izaak Mills, and others. If you don’t have this in heavy rotation in your CD player, you’re missing out.

Opening for PTQ is hip-hop sensation Colin Loch. 080616 Chautauqua Music Festival 083

Colin Loch is a self-taught hip hop recording artist who pens all of his own lyrics, mostly on his cell phone. He likes to call himself an “actionable poet,” a term he coined to describe his art. He is currently mastering his first project which will be called “Home is Where the Art Is.”

Colin was born in Scotland, has lived all over the United States and Egypt. Today, he calls Vashon Island his home and has lived there on and off for 22 years.

Among the artists that influence his music are Eminem, Jay Z, Lauren Hill, Logic and Atmosphere. But it was Colin’s older cousins that first introduced him to rap music. Later, his friend Beau gave him a copy of Eminem’s album “The Slim Shady,” and he was hooked. Many of Colin’s lyrics draw on his past experiences struggling with (and overcoming) addiction. With this new-found clarity has come a new set of obstacles that he navigates which inspire his music today.

You can hear lyrics about Colin’s time working in the restaurants and bars – – which is how he pays for his music habit. Not only is he a great lyricist, Colin is a skilled cook and bartender.

Next up: look for his first music videos for “Bartender” and “Kitchen Life,” to be shot on Vashon Island in the next few months!

“My addiction to this music
Beat the ones I had for using
And the beats you hear me using
Keep me from the streets of
Losing this momentum heaven sent me
Won’t forget it ‘cause you let me
Find the person hiding
Deep inside of me
It was a blessing.” – C.L.

The show starts at 9 p.m. at Red Bicycle Bistro. It’s an all-ages show until 11 p.m., and for ages 21 and older after that. I.D. is required. There is a $8 cover charge.


Friday, November 18th, 8:30pm
The Red Bicycle Bistro & SushiOneNiteStand-Promo-44
All-age’s ’till 11pm, 21+ after that
Free cover!

You may have been there for the July show at the Red Bike and witnessed this band’s incredible show. OneNiteStand is gaining ground with more rocking tunes and incredible vocals by Terri Cole – and the good news is, they’re ready to show off the new polish!

This band is ‘nothin’ but rock & blues with the emphasis on classic rock tunes as well as some originals sprinkled in there. They’ve all got blues chops, from growling it to flat-out rockin’. The band will knock your shorts off and leave you crying for more. They’ve been playing for a long time and have musical histories too long to mention here.

This is a free cover all-ages show ‘til 11pm, then 21+ after that.


Rippin’ Chicken

Friday, November 25th, 8:30pm
Rippin’ Chicken
The Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi
All-age’s ’till 11pm, 21+ after that112815 Rippin Chicken 050
Free cover!

It doesn’t get any better than this when it comes to a funky dance trio, coming to your right here on Vashon. The day after Thanksgiving is ALWAYS a rockin’ good time at the Red Bike – people are home for the holidays and everyone is ready to cut loose…so we’re bringing you something to dance to!

Formed from deep within the Westsound Union, Rippin’ Chicken plays a greasy brand of funky, bugaloo and soul jazz, executed with creative ease by three funky brothers from different mothers who LOVE to play together.

After performing and recording together for the better part of a decade in groups such as The Funk Revolution, The Lucky Mystery Now Orchestra, and The Bucks (all under the direction of the great Lucky Brown), Rippin’ Chicken presents this power-house rhythm section as the center of attention, playing the music they want to, in a style that is all their own.

“A soul-food Organ trio gone Rippin”

This is an all-ages free event until 11pm, then it will be 21+ after that.


Comedy Night!

Friday, December 2nd, 8:00pm
Comedy Night!
The Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi
All-age’s ’till 11pm, 21+ after that
Cover charge.  comedy-12-02-16

COMEDY NIGHT IS COMING !!! First Friday, 2nd at 8pm, at the Red Bicycle Bistro and Sushi bar. The evening is osted by local humorist and provocateur, Steffon Moody, and features an All-Star crew of locally famous on-island comedians, plying their craft as only locally famous amateur comedians can ply.

Comedy Night is, on average, more fun. If you haven’t been, here’s the setup: we invite jelly-kneed first timer’s, practiced amateurs and professional comedians to appear on the same stage. The newbies only get a few minutes of stage time because, well, it’s just better that way. Then we trot out some faces you may have seen performing around town and we finish up with a couple of pros.

Performing in front of an audience is one of the top universal fears. And of all performance forms, Stand Up comedy tops the terror list; right up there with Evil Knievel style motorcycle jumping.

In general, comedians are expected to get a laugh about every 15 seconds. That’s 20 punchlines in a 5 minute routine. Or, looked at another way, 20 opportunities for failure.

In no other performance form are performers held to such a standard. Many experienced performers, usually comfortable in front of an audience, look like a deer in the headlights when asked to do Stand Up. The pressure of evoking the laugh can be unbearable.

That’s why comedians do it. That’s why audiences come. It’s risky, dangerous, almost life- threatening. It’s an on-stage reality show, where the possibility of failure is integral to the show itself.

Expect the usual ribald, tasteless, eccentric, and life transforming experience that is regularly delivered at regular Yuk fest. These island comedians will sink or swim in death defying comedy routines. That’s right! Death Defying Comedy! Please don’t try this at home folks. Only untrained amateur professionals are qualified to run the gauntlet of a notoriously ruthless Vashon audience.

The headlining comedian and local comics will be announced soon!

There will be a cover charge, and the show starts at 8pm, but show up early and get a seat, because it is always packed!

This show will most likely have adult content, so please use your best judgment when bringing children with you.  See you then and there!

High and Lonesome

Friday, December 9th, 8:30pm
High and Lonesome
The Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi
All-age’s ’till 11pm, 21+ after that
Free cover!   High and Lonesome 3

The High and Lonesome Band is a group of friends who’ve played together nearly 30 years. They’ve been together so long that some original band members have even been replaced by their offspring. With roots firmly planted in American Ethnic music, High and Lonesome brings an intricate, tasty brew of bluegrass, blues, and Bakersfield-style country music.

Islanders will recognize John Schubert on guitar and vocals, with Tab Tabscott on dobro and pedal steel. Will McSeveney will play the banjo, Pete Martin on fiddle, mandolin, and vocals, Terry Enyeart on bass and vocals, and Jim Bluhm on a variety of instruments.

Get ready for some good time dance music in a folky/country vein.

No cover, show starts at 8:30pm, all ages until 11:00pm.

The S Curves & The Straightaways

Friday, December 16th, 8:30pm
The S Curves & The Straightaways
The Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi
All-age’s ’till 11pm, 21+ after that
Free cover!   the-s-curves

The S Curves came together in the summer of 2013 as a result of a fun and funky “traveling performance party” called “The Swamp Bottom Jamboree.” Their debut performance included cocktail dresses under hip waders in the middle of a pond by candlelight, accompanied by the boisterous bass of a croaking bullfrog. The next summer they revisited that pond in a rowboat dressed in nightgowns. Unexpectedly, the bullfrog made a repeat performance. Cleaned up and dressed up (and generally sans frog), the S Curves trio is comprised of seasoned Vashon and Seattle performers whether at the O Space, Red Bike, Drama Dock, Vashon Opera, Seattle Opera, and various gigs over town. The S Curves — Arlette Moody, Elaine Ott, and Stephanie Murray — are Sure to Send you Swaying.

The S Curves are backed by The Straightaways, an acoustic swing combo that puts a nostalgic spin on even the most modern tunes, but isn’t afraid to bust out a beat when they need to. Steve Meyer on upright bass and Marshall Murray on the cocktail drum kit are seasoned performers who provide the backbone. Andre Sapp adds mandolin, ukulele and guitar, depending on what and how many strings he can handle at any given time. Christopher Overstreet joins the band for this show and brings a stunning array of piano chops, classical technique and avant-garde sensibilities. Gary Milligan on horn adds some sass and splash. Other special guests are not yet under contract but may be announced at show time.

Will Sing For Vashon Benefit Show

Friday, December 23rd, 8pm
Vashon Events Presents
Will Sing For Vashon
The Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi
All-ages ’til 11pm, 21+ after that
By Donation    2016-1

Vashon Events is once again partnering with the Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi to host a showcase of holiday songs to benefit Island nonprofits this holiday season. The Fourth Annual Will Sing for Vashon will take place on Friday, December 23rd beginning at 8pm. The event is an open call from Vashon Island musicians to perform a holiday song. In the past over 25 acts perform through the night.

This year, Vashon Events is opening the event up to allow audience members to donate money to any nonprofit organization they choose by specifying the name of the nonprofit on envelopes that will be distributed. This way, all the nonprofits on the island can join in the fun, and benefit from the extraordinary night of song and community.

The event is produced by Pete Welch and Allison Shirk of Vashon Events with Allison emceeing the night. Musicians who want to participate should sign up via the online form at http://www.vashonevents.com/ve-specialevents/. Singers must arrange their own accompaniment and musicians are asked to limit their performance to only one song as the lead singer.

Songs picked so far:
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Little Drummer Boy
Silver Bells
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts)

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 31st
No show tonight!  happy-new-year-2016-greeting-cards

The staff at the Red Bicycle, along with Manager Wilson Kim would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! Be safe and sane out there!


Friday, February 24th, 8:30pm
The Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi
All-age’s ’till 11pm, 21+ after that
Free cover!  rooster